Education and experience
I have an M.A. in Communication focused on HCI, combined with a B.A. in Psychology.

Current employment
UX Designer, App creation at GN Netcom, Jabra

Previous work
  • Freelance UX designer and researcher, mostly associated with the company Loop-UX
  • 4 years as Senior UX Designer for Nokia Copenhagen.
  • 3 years as UX Designer for Nokia Copenhagen.
  • 1 year in my own startup company, working as VPN IT support

Future employment
I am proud to work for GN Jabra. My work is cool and satisfying.
And it would take an even cooler and incredibly amazing job to make me consider leaving.
I specialze in qualitative and quantitative design research
  • UX evaluation
  • Interaction design
  • Design process
  • Creative direction
  • Trans-media storytelling
  • Project co-ordination
  • Testing as a way to ensure UX quality

Any tool I need to know, I get to know.
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I have worked extensively with
  • User need assessment
  • User profiles/personas
  • Feature validation, Usability tests and sprint testing
  • Storyboarding
  • Misuse mindset
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Free time
I'm a gadget freak, eager to play with and create new tools and technologies.

The best times are spent in my summer house, watching the nature grow and evolve around me, reading fantasy or writing children's books and painting on the walls.

I am blessed with a humorous and irresistibly attractive husband, who demands very little of me when it comes to house chores.

We generally live a hedonistic and blessed life, where the enthusiasm of work is merged into the joy of living.
I have these language skills
Agile & Ad Hoc
Some UX Designers working among SW Developers feel like a running target, required to make design solutions appear as fast as the sweat on their forehead.
I don't run - I walk confidently, assured that we, as a team, are on the same side.

I generally come across as a trustworthy and open hearted person, socially observant and with a mindful presence in one-to-one conversations.
I can be perceived as a bit unpolished, and I would probably be a more agreeable person if I were less straightforward and to the point.
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